3 Ways Mosaic Art Can Bring Joy To Your Life

3 Ways Mosaic Art Can Bring Joy To Your Life


Discovering Delight in Every Tile 

At Mosaic Candy Shop, joy is not just a concept but a tangible, vibrant reality baked into every intricate tile. Mosaics, like life's tapestry, offer a palette for self-expression and storytelling. Each tile holds a piece of the artisan's soul, and as you immerse yourself in the mosaic creation process, you unlock a unique form of joy that resonates with the creative spirit within you. Creative repetition is a way that artists get quiet, seek solitude, daydream and bring something to life. In mosaic, no matter your skill level, we have a kit curated for you. If you're a beginner in mosaic craft and you crave tactile mosaic patterns and don't want to participate in hand cutting tile, our Quilt kit in either the Miami or Heritage Mint colorway is an excellent starting point. If you're comfortable in working with the hand cutting element and up for a smaller gradient in hand cutting tile, our New Day Kit in any of the color ways is a perfect fit. There's a great mix of assembling the layout and you get to learn the basics of nipping tile with three details. The first kit that was designed is Golden. The Penny Round sun is upcycled from a Disney mosaic mural our sister brand created. Finally, if you like a challenge and want to put together a mosaic that feels like needlepoint, you are going to have to try our Waabigwan mosaic kit! Waabigwan is Ojibwe for flower and a creation by our dear colleague Madison Holler of Rubinski Works


A mosaic kit for every skill level

Craft is linked with reduction in anxiety

During the pandemic, navigating the layers of challenges related to running a small business took a major toll on my mental health. This is when I turned to the simple craft of mosaic as an outlet for this stress. I didn't realize that I had abandoned the craft until I set up a small making table in my home. I had become a fully administrative leader on the manufacturing side of our sister brand through prioritizing my time based on what the business needed. My instinct to turn to craft to manage some elements of stress was validated by history. Craft courses have been prescribed to patients since the dawn of occupational therapy in the late 19th century, with basketry used to relieve anxiety and physical ailments in soldiers during the first world war. 

Source: Crafts Council, UK

Tactile Craft with Mosaic Making

Mosaics: A joyful Expression of Individuality

In the world of Mosaic Candy Shop, joy is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It's a spectrum of colors and patterns that cater to the diverse tastes and personalities of our mosaic community. Each quarter we will be rounding out our offerings so there's a range of challenging patterns to put together as well as range of price points. Since we're only a few months young, this will be our journey in 2024 to establish. Within our collections, there will be vibrant hues that spark energy to calming natural color palettes that evoke serenity, each mosaic becomes a joyful expression of individuality. As we collaborate with more creatives in our field, we will aim to bring you an element to our kits that you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy, be kind to yourself and welcome to our interpretation of mosaic art. May the craft be with you.

Mosaic Candy Shop Founder & Mosaic Artist Mercedes Austin

~Mercedes Austin, Founder & Mosaic Artist


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