about us

meet the artist:mercedes austin

Over the past 20+ years, Mercedes has dedicated herself to learning, making, designing, living and creating all things tile. When she realized she needed to make her own handmade tile while funding her art, she founded Mercury Mosaics, producing renowned artisan tile. Mosaic Candy Shop is her latest endeavor, the culmination of a lifelong obsession with tile.

fueled by the tile artists behind Mercury Mosaics

Our everyday artistry has gotten a bit of attention in the design world. We’ve been featured in…

we're keeping it earth-friendly

After all, the clay for our ceramics is literally the earth itself. 100% of the tile in our kits is upcycled from our Mercury Mosaics misfit tile. It’s stuff we couldn’t use for our main business, but is too special to let go to waste.

and crafting calm

Enhance and prioritize your mental health. We all have the impulse to create: to get hands-on, a little messy, and have something to show for it. That’s what inspires our tile artisans who roll, cut, and paint each ceramic piece by hand. Now you can share in that joy too.